GoLS Groupe of Leading Subnational Governments toward Aichi Biodiversity Targets

Group of Leading Subnational Governments toward Aichi Biodiversity Targets

Aichi, ANAAE, Catalonia, Ontario, Québec and São Paulo have launched a new initiative called "Group of Leading Subnational Governments toward Aichi Biodiversity Targets" to contribute to reaching the Aichi Targets.
We will enhance our own activities through sharing opinions on our measures and we will also promote actions of subnational governments for biodiversity by inviting them to our discussions and sharing lessons learned.

Supporting Organization

nrg4SD (The Network of Regional Governments for Sustainable Development)
ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability

The Statement by the Group of Leading Subnational Governments toward Aichi Biodiversity Targets

Subnational governments, including States, Provinces, Regions and Prefectures, have the potential to develop comprehensive efforts for ther conservation of biodiversity as well as its sustainable use. They are also able to work with their respective national governments, citizens, municipalities, private companies, NGOs and educational institutions and to utilize unique methods corresponding to the characteristics of local ecosystems. Therefore, their active contributions are essential to achieving the Aichi Biodiversity Targets.

1.Our initiative and actions

We have implemented advanced measures within our respective territories to conserve biodiversity on our own volition. We will discuss those actions and lessons learned to enhance our measures toward conservation of biodiversity.

Furthermore, we will be a driver in achieving Aichi Biodiversity Targets. To this aim, we call on subnational governments in the world to take part in our discussion and, building on the past activities of the AC SNG, apply the lessons learned into the implementation of each government’s actions to conserve biodiversity. We also encourage them to participate in international learning platforms for subnational governments including the Learning Platform Regions for Biodiversity led by nrg4SD and Global Community for Local & Regional Action for Nature coordinated by ICLEI.

2.Call to the Parties

We call on the Parties to take measures to enhance the capacities of subnational governments and to better support subnational governments in implementing the CBD and achieving the Aichi Biodiversity Targets.

We call on the secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity to continue their assistance in implementing the Plan of Action on Subnational Governments, Cities and other Local Authorities for Biodiversity 2011-2020.

We are willing to support the efforts of the Parties, the Secretariat of the CBD and other critical players such as donors and financing mechanisms to the fullest extent possible in achieving these goals.