GoLS Groupe of Leading Subnational Governments toward Aichi Biodiversity Targets

Role of Subnational Government

Subnational governments (SNG) are governments at a level between country and cities, including States, Provinces, Regions and Prefectures.

They have rich ecosystems within their territories, such as forests, water-sheds, inland waters, coastal islands and seas, as well as urban areas. In other words, SNG are the stewards of global ecosystems in microcosm, and have the potential to develop comprehensive efforts for the conservation of biodiversity as well as its sustainable use.

They can also work with national governments, and are able to influence and coordinate the contribution of municipalities.

Because they have a close relationship with citizens, municipalities, private companies, NGOs and educational institutions, by joining them in taking actions, SNG can utilize unique methods corresponding to the characteristics of local ecosystems.

Therefore, active contributions of SNG play an important role toward achieving the Aichi Targets.