GoLS Groupe of Leading Subnational Governments toward Aichi Biodiversity Targets

What is Biodiversity?

A great variety of life on earth, which is estimated to be approximately 30 million species, has evolved through adapting to diverse environments over four billion years since the birth of the earliest form of life.

Individual species live in a web of interconnection and interaction of living things as part of the global ecosystem. The foundation for all forms of life including human beings is created through the various activities of diverse ecosystems.

In addition to providing the source of diverse cultures, diverse and flourishing organisms have a useful value for humans at the present time and in the future.

Therefore, it can be said that these diverse organisms are essential indigenous assets for each local area. In addition, diverse and healthy ecosystems support safe and secure life through contributing to securing safe drinking water and food.

In light of the above-mentioned importance of the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity, it is necessary to create a truly enriching society grounded on a natural ecosystem through spreading balanced and healthy relationships between nature and humans. By bringing the order of nature into every corner of society, humans can obtain blessings of nature into the future.